To enhance community care

We help connect our communities with vital healthcare services. We develop new programs to ensure we are where we are needed most, increasing the capacity and reach of our Health System and Emergency Services.

Key initiatives:
Ensure our Health and Emergency Response is embedded across NSW
Develop strong partnerships to research and identify core programs to maximise social impact
Establish improved access to healthcare through new products and services
Build new products and services to support vulnerable Australians

The needs of our community will define our future

We will initiate a detailed impact study which will help to identify the greatest health needs of our communities, and key areas that align with our mission and capability. St John NSW has a strong presence in all corners of our state, with a geographic spread that spans rural, remote and metropolitan communities. We have over 70 Divisions, 9 training branches and a state-wide radio network which enables us to reach more people in more areas than many other organisations.

We will harness our strengths in capabilities, skills and geographic spread – combined with identified areas of greatest need – and develop services that will enable us to have the greatest possible impact on our communities.

This could include initiatives that focus on:
  • Helping vulnerable people overcome isolation
  • Aged care
  • Mental health and wellbeing
St John Ambulance responders load a patient onto a stretcher

Increased access to healthcare

From 2021-2025, we will work with other agencies and partners to help bridge the gap between our communities and access to healthcare. Based off needs identified from our impact study, we will explore, develop and pilot new services with the aim of improving community access to healthcare.

This could include:
  • Healthcare in the home
  • Patient transport services

We recognise that we can’t do this alone. We will establish strong alliances and partnerships with local and state-based organisations to help research and deliver on potential services.

State Emergency Response

In times of crisis, St John NSW has a proven track record of deploying quickly to support emergency service organisations in assisting communities across the state. Recent times have shown how we need to be prepared to respond anywhere, at any time – for fires, floods, or even a pandemic.

We will strengthen our existing partnerships with Government and non-Government agencies, have the assets we need to deploy where we are needed most, and expand on our infrastructure, people and technology.

As a participating organisation in the NSW HEALTHPLAN (NSW Health’s disaster management plan) we can be called upon to provide assistance to NSW Health and other emergency service agencies during events such bushfires or extreme weather conditions.

This could include initiatives that focus on:
  • Supporting NSW health systems by providing greater response capabilities.
  • Mobilising our large contingent of volunteers trained in first aid to First Responder and Advanced Responder level as well as specialist teams trained in advanced casualty management in emergency situations.
“Our volunteers step forward when they’re needed most. We know that our emergency service organisations are under pressure during these times, and we are proud to provide support in any way we can.”
Ilan Lowbeer, Deputy Commissioner

Case Studies


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, St John NSW members worked tirelessly to help keep communities safe and infection-free. Throughout 2020, we deployed at the request of NSW Health with hundreds of members working at sites right across the state.

St John Ambulance responders wearing Personal Protective Equipment as part of COVID-19 duties


During the 2019-20 bushfires, St John NSW was on the frontline with more than 400 skilled volunteers were deployed, providing a total of 23,506 hours statewide of critical emergency support.

During this time, St John NSW provided:
  • Much needed medical attention to 438 patients
  • First aid and mental health support to thousands of evacuees; and
  • Ensured patient transport was made available for people located in hard to access areas
“I would like to commend St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) for its over 135 year effort in delivering accessible community medical services, and for its service as the community medical partner for NSW Health and NSW Ambulance during the 2020 bushfire season.”
The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP, Minister for Health & Medical Research
Three St John Ambulance vehicles parked at sunset in Sydney

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