To serve our community

We invest in our people, our assets and our technology to ensure that we are fit for purpose. We diversify our programs and income streams so that we are sustainable. As custodians of St John NSW we engage, enable, reimagine and future proof our organisation.

Key initiatives:
Develop an engaging and flexible volunteering model
Deliver continuous improvement and innovation in our programs and services
Building the capabilities of our current and future leaders
Increase community awareness of the St John brand, history, and charitable position

Building capability & better serving communities

Fires, floods and a global pandemic taught us that emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere.  As an organisation, we will be ready to be ready to respond and support all communities across NSW.

St John Ambulance responder smiles at camera


We recognise that our people are our most important asset and investing in the training and development of them will be critical to our future success. Investing in leadership programs, ongoing training and building expertise within our people will continue to be a key priority.

Our Youth Programs will be centered on building ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ and aim to equip young people with leadership skills, first aid knowledge, mentorship opportunities and learning pathways.

We will focus on building a framework of sustainable volunteering with a range of options for volunteers to engage with St John NSW across clinical and non-clinical, commercial and community initiatives.

“Our achievements are a credit to our people who consistently give it their all. Each and every one of you contribute to the success of this organisation and every day I am thankful for the passion and dedication you all show.”
A/Prof Jason Bendall, Commissioner of St John NSW


Investment in the upgrade of our operational fleet, equipment and systems will ensure St John NSW remains a capable and reliable partner supporting NSW communities in times of crisis.

Building our fleet of vehicles, equipment, infrastructure and people, we will increase the level of service we can provide across the state.

Contents of a St John Ambulance vehicle are shown laid out on the ground through an aerial shot


Our medical equipment allows us to manage basic life threatening conditions through to advanced monitoring requirements, which can dramatically increase patient outcomes following serious medical incidents.

Additional equipment such as advanced cardiac monitoring, advanced airway management and pharmacology can be provided for our Paramedic level of coverage.


We are the largest and most comprehensive provider of first aid and medical services at events across the state, from local school fetes and regional agricultural shows to major sporting events and New Year’s Eve celebrations. We have over 70 community Divisions, 30 training locations, 7 branches and a state-wide radio network that allows us to provide service to remote, regional and metropolitan communities – often easing pressure on local health systems.


We have the largest non-emergency fleet in the state, which enables us to deliver more events simultaneously and significantly larger events than other event medical service providers.

Our fleet includes:
  • Mobile First Aid post vehicles
  • Command and Communication vehicles
  • 4WD Stretcher vehicles
  • Health Emergency Response 4WDs
  • Patient Transport Buggies
  • Bicycle Emergency Response Team (BERT) bicycles
Infographic detailing St John Ambulance’s capability including vehicles, people, equipment and infrastructure

Our other Pillars