To inspire community confidence

St John volunteers and staff work in our communities, workplaces and homes to ensure people are safe. St John is there when needed. We have the skills, training and equipment to save a life.

Key initiatives:
Enhance and expand the breadth of volunteer participation pathways
Enhance our corporate health and safety solutions
Deliver on community safety programs including access to publicly accessible defibrillators
Grow our commercial healthcare staffing support services

Care and Coverage

In an emergency, it can take between 10 and 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive in NSW. Until then, St John NSW is there.

Our highly-skilled volunteers and professional responders promote public safety and ensure peace of mind. By responding to people in need before emergency services arrive, we are able to reduce demand on the broader health system.

The treatment received by over a third (36.7%) of people utilising St John NSW services diverted them from being hospitalised.
St John Ambulance responder checks the temperature of a patient at a drive-thru COVID screening clinic

Corporate Health and Wellbeing

We will establish a robust health, safety and wellbeing commercial offering. St John is a trusted first aid training provider in the corporate space. With a strong brand, client base and existing infrastructure, we are well placed to expand our corporate services. A corporate health and wellbeing offering also naturally aligns with our mission.

A holistic service offering made up of first aid and medical equipment, onsite health services, the provision of defibrillators, as well as first aid and mental health training will be available and customised to meet the needs of our commercial customers.

“We will continue to transform our organisation, diversify our programs, and show agility and innovation in developing our customer-centric approach.”
Sarah Lance, CEO of St John NSW

Commercial Healthcare Support

St John NSW has a strong history of partnering with commercial clients to meet their needs through innovative solutions. We aim to continue to be a partner of choice in the contracted commercial healthcare space, supplying healthcare staffing needs, and medical supply requirements. This will become a core part of our business to ensure safety in our community.

Sydney Trains:  

In 2020, we began the provision of paramedic services at several stations across the Sydney Trains network during peak commute times. This ensures that illness or injuries are responded to quickly with high quality primary care, reducing the impact on the wider train and commuter system.

St John Ambulance responders attend workplaces in Sydney as part of COVID screening measures


St John NSW works closely with the Quaycentre (Sydney Olympic Park) to provide medical and first aid services to support a number of their commercial events each year. We deploy a core team of 10-15 St John responders consisting of Advanced Responders, Registered Nurses and Paramedics.

We will do this through avenues that include:
  • Fire Warden and Safety Services via the provision of a dedicated Fire Warden and site safety assessment during events
  • Patient report summaries and incident report post-event
  • Restocking and maintenance of all venue first aid kits, oxygen and defibrillators
  • Medical supplies, medications, consumables, vehicles and equipment
  • Delivery of onsite first aid training for all Quaycentre staff and Contractors.
St John Ambulance responder holds the hand of a patient at a music festival

Event Health Services

St John NSW is of the largest and most trusted providers of event health services in NSW. For over 135 years we've delivered best-practice first aid services at events and venues right across the state. Our advanced first aid and medical care services means we keep people safer, mitigate event risk, give peace of mind – and reduce the impact on the local health system.

We will provide innovative healthcare solutions at events across NSW – including live tracking tools, real-time reporting to event organisers, rapid response to incidents using a range of vehicles, and secure radio technology.

By 2025, we aim to expand the work of our volunteers across all programs – and ensure we’re there when needed most. We will make a difference by finding new ways to keep people safe in high-risk environments and events. From the provision of safe spaces at music festivals, to public health messaging for large scale public events we will consider all options to increase our impact on community safety.

Good Life Music Festival:  

We provided event medical and first aid services to Good Life - an under 18s Music Festival held at Sydney Showground. This event attracted over 10,000 concert goers aged 13-17. A total of 63 of our volunteers provided support, which included first aid teams, medicabs, communication staff, transport teams and mental health specialists.

The result: 160 patients were treated at the event with no adverse outcomes. This event clearly demonstrated the high level of medical and first aid support that we can provide. The genuine care and professionalism of our volunteers mitigates risk for event organisers and provides a mantel of safety for those who attend.

Man checks a defibrillator in Hillston, a regional NSW community
Publicly Accessible Defibrillator Program  

To reach our goal of improving out-of-home cardiac arrest survival rates in NSW, we need to increase access to defibrillators and the likeliness of bystander response. The launch of the St John defibrillator range - a premium offering from a trusted and reputable brand - is a significant step in helping achieve this goal and a first for the organisation nationally.

By 2025 we will have established a structure publicly accessible defibrillator program which would focus on increasing defibrillator access, mandating the presence of defibrillators in high-risk environments, the launch of a locator app, and ongoing education campaigns to improve public knowledge.

In 2021, St John Ambulance launched a defibrillator range – supported by Governor-General David Hurley at a launch event at Government House, Canberra. “We can reduce the risk by putting these into training facilities like gyms, into shopping centres, into our offices spaces, throughout our community.”

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